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Welcome to Term 3


It was lovely to see the students settle back into the school routine this week and to hear about their holidays. It sounds like many students had sleep ins, went to the movies or had a special time away.
Teachers from 1H, 1J, 1M, 1P and 1R are looking forward to parent-teacher interviews during week 2. If you have not made a time, please see your child’s teacher.
This week in Learning to Learn, we have been setting goals, practising positive affirmations, revisiting our school values and discussing ways to be inclusive in the classroom and school yard. We have also revisited how to be a Bucket Filler and how a Bucket Filling classroom likes, sounds and feels.
We know that sometimes things that are unexpected can happen in the morning and this can result in your child being late for school. If you are late please remember to go via the office to fill in a late form. The morning is a very important learning time. Teachers spend time explaining the day and introducing the Literacy block learning intentions. Being late on a regular basis can affect your child’s learning.
Thanks for your cooperation!
Have a great week,
The Year 1 Team

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