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October 17, 2014
by aimeeblanch

Botanic Gardens

Last Thursday we had a wonderful day at the Royal Botanic Gardens, learning about lots of interesting flowers, trees and plants.


We learnt about the dinosaur tree and felt its hard, spiky leaves as we walked through its low hanging branches.

dinosaur tree

Our guides also told us a story about the “lightning tree”

During a huge storm on Melbourne cup day 30 years ago, an old oak tree was hit by lightning. The tree cracked right down the middle, almost splitting it in two. Luckily the arborists (or tree doctors) were able to tie strong cables into the tree’s branches to pull it back together. The tree healed and we could see and feel the scar. We gave the tree a hug and could even see the cables high in the branches.

There was even a tree with branches that looked like hands!

hand tree

We saw many creatures during the day, including spiders, butterflies, ants, ducks, swans and even an eel!

We were also lucky enough to pot a seedling each! First we put some dirt in the pot, then rested our seedling on top. Next we filled it up with some more dirt and finally gave it a drink of water.

pot plants pot plant

In the herb garden we discovered many plants with wonderful smells such as lemon icy-pole and black jellybean. While we were there we also got to make our own pot pourri bags with dried rose petals and lavender.

pot pourri pot pourri 2

We took a well-earned break to eat lunch, and then we were off again. We all saw some more beautiful flowers and great trees. Some of us took a look in the tropical glasshouse, but not for long as it was very hot and humid!

tropical glasshouse

Finally, after a great day filled with walking and new discoveries it was time to leave. We all had a lovely time, and we’re sure everyone slept well that night!

A big thank you to all our lovely parents who came along and helped. We couldn’t have done it without you!

October 7, 2014
by aimeeblanch

Botanical Gardens Excursion

As you may have noticed the children are all very excited about our excursion on Thursday! To ensure all runs smoothly please note the following:

Children will need:

  1. their snack and lunch in separate bags, ensuring all bags are named. Please do not send lunchboxes.
  2.  a named drink/drink bottle.
  3. to  wear  comfortable shoes as we will be walking around the gardens
  4. to bring a sunsmart hat

Please ensure children are at school by 8.50 am to ensure a prompt departure.

Thank you,

Grade 1 Teachers

August 12, 2014
by aimeeblanch

Swimming Final Payment Due

A friendly reminder that the final payment for swimming is due this Friday 15th August. This is only for those families who paid the deposit at the beginning of term. If you paid the $150 in full please enjoy the video below!

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