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November 20, 2014
by aimeeblanch

Peer Editing

As you will have heard from your children, or read on our blog and Year 1 newsletter, our current focus on writing this term sees us constructing recounts and narratives. As part of the process we expect the children to edit their own work, in line with AusVELS curriculum expectations.

As a support to this process the children use editing checklists that we have designed together, to ensure that their piece makes sense, is appropriately punctuated and includes adjectives and adverbs. The children often use ‘editing glasses’ or ‘editing pencils’ to undertake this task. This has resulted in pieces that are far richer in their content and accurate in the structural features.

pic2 pic5

Recently the children began ‘peer editing’ as a further support to the process and respectfully gave feedback to help their classmates improve their pieces.

pic7 pic4

The Grade 1 teachers are very proud of the work the children are producing and the way in which they approach their editing.

August 28, 2014
by aimeeblanch

Persuasive Writing

As you know this term we have been learning how to write persuasive texts. Here is some of our work. Do you think we are very convincing?

Naturally I feel that books are better than T.V.

Here are two reasons why books are better than T.Vs.

Books are cheaper than T.Vs and they are healthier for you.

Firstly   T.Vs cost thousands of dollars and books don’t.

And why they are healthy for you is because your eyes can be very, very sore from TVs.

I’ve explained it pretty well so you MUST agree with me of course!

By Roxy

TVs are better than books.  Here are two reasons why. TV’s help you to relax and you don’t have to cut down trees to make a TV.

Firstly, when I am sick and I watch TV my body starts to feel relaxed. When I read a book, the light that I am using reflects off the shiny page into my eyes. This hurts my eyes really badly. This happens to me lots of times when I read at night. Do you want sore eyes?

Another reason why TVs are better than books is on a TV you can play a Wii and some Wii games are healthy for you, like Wii sports. My skill levels on bowling, tennis and boxing are really high. Do you want to get better at sports?

You must believe me that TVs are much better than books.

By James

We all know that books are better than televisions. Here are two reasons why books are better than TVs. Books don`t hurt your eyes and you can take books outside.

Firstly, books don`t hurt your eyes because last time when I watched too much TV and my eyes really hurt. Do you want sore eyes?

Another reason is you can take books anywhere because I remember when I took my book to the park. You waste electricity on televisions and using electricity is ruining the planet.

You must agree with me that books are better than televisions.

By Kalan

Only a fool would think that TVs are better than books. Here are two reasons why books are better than TVs.  Books are better than TVs because books don’t hurt our eyes. Books are better because they don’t waste electricity.

Firstly, I remember when I watched too much TV and I got sore eyes and I had to turn it off and I had to play something else.

Another reason is that TVs run on electricity. It’s bad because electricity costs a lot of money.

The real truth is that books are better than TVs.

By Zoe

Naturally I feel that books are better than TV’s. Here are two good reasons why books are better than TV’s. Books are good value for money and TV’s run on electricity.

Firstly, books are good value for money because you can just pick up a book that only costs 5 dollars and leave the shop. But if you want a TV it would take a long time to choose one because they cost so much money. The book my mum’s reading is about Africa. In the book there is a girl who has a secret. She is also very, very poor. My mum said she can’t put the book down because she loves it so much!

TV’s have lots of little chords that run on electricity.  They can also be very expensive, so if a possum chewed on one of the chords it would be very expensive to pay for them.

Obviously you can see that I have explained it clearly that books are better than TV’s.

By Matilda

July 24, 2014
by aimeeblanch

The Windy Farm

This week we all enjoyed watching the performance of The Windy Farm during our incursion. Tony Bones did a fabulous job of entertaining us all with his slapstick humour, puppets, songs and dance.

photo (1) photo (2) photo (3)

We have begun to learn about writing reviews, and this incursion provided the perfect opportunity to practise our skills. Here are a few examples of the children’s writing.

The Windy Farm

by Amy

On Monday the 21st of July 1R went to a play The Windy Farm. Lots of things went wrong. One of the things was the house blew away and left Grandpa sitting on the toilet. They had to wear metal shoes because the people and pets were blown away.

I liked the puppets and the song ‘Never mind’. I also liked the grandpa sitting on the toilet and the dancing.

I recommend this show to kids that like the wind and dancing and singing.

The Windy Farm

By Ezra

Yesterday we went to the hall to see a play called The Windy Farm. It was about the windiest farm ever. Sometimes people were blown away. They got to wear brick shoes so they don’t fly away. The house blew away and it left Grandpa sitting on the toilet.

I liked the dancing because it was funny. I liked the munchkins and I liked the people.

I give it 5 stars.

The Windy Farm

by Alana

On Monday the 21st of July 1R went to an incursion in the hall. It was a play based on the book The Windy Farm. It was about a family who lived on a very windy farm. The family was poor and lots of things kept going wrong for them. It was so windy that sometimes people and animals got blown away by the wind. So the mum invented metal shoes so no one would blow away. Next half of their house blew away and Grandpa was left sitting on the toilet. They didn’t know how to fix the house. But Grandpa said “Why don’t we use my power tools?” So they fixed the house with Grandpa’s power tools. But there was a problem. The next day they got a power bill. But the family didn’t have any money. So the mum said “why don’t we use some of the blades of the big windmill to make more windmills so we have more electricity so we can sell it and then we will be rich.” So they did. And they were rich.

The show was very funny. I liked lots of bits. I liked the munchkins and when they didn’t know who it was published by. I liked the puppets because they had lots of different voices.

I recommend it to preps, grade ones and twos. It is a very good show. I give it 8 out of 10.

March 28, 2014
by aimeeblanch

Term One Writing

This term, the Year Ones have focused much of their attention, in writing, on producing recounts (retelling a series of events), and the more accurate use of fullstops and capital letters. We have produced many fictional and non- fiction recounts using the following structure:

Orientation:  who, when and where

Series of events sequenced in time: firstly, secondly, then, after that, etc., using past tense verbs, e.g. was, were, had

Concluding statement: personal statement about the events, e.g. I think Peter looked after his rabbits very well.


Recently, we used a recount from a fictional text, and worked together to identify the sentences contained within the text.  This meant that we had to look at the piece and decide where each new idea began. Once established, we then punctuated it accurately by putting in the fullstops and capital letters. We even had to include quotation marks at the end of the piece. Having completed the editing, we then wrote our own recount of choice (fictional or factual), ensuring we used capital letters and fullstops appropriately.

We’re all improving our skills in writing recounts and using fullstops and capital letters.



Ara and Oliver adding fullstops, followed by capital letters.



Writing our own recounts, using capital letters and fullstops accurately.

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