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March 31, 2017
by 5s2014

Have a Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter

In a blink of an eye term one is over. What a fantastic start we have had to Year One. The students have investigated what makes them happy and healthy and then they put on their lab coats to discover some scientific facts about light and sound.

Next term we will be looking very closely at some little creepy crawlies and visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens.

To finish the term all of Year One spent the morning on an Easter hunt. In groups of four the children read clues, which lead them around the school hopping and skipping in search of some special letters.

Once all the letters were found the group had to work out what the letters spelt!

Have a safe and happy holiday.

from the Year One Team


March 17, 2017
by 5s2014

It’s a busy time in Year One!


Our school year is full steam ahead and by now, your child should be bringing their take home folder home with them. Reading at home is fundamentally important to children’s literacy development and it is crucial that you partake in this routine with your child every day.

During reading lessons, teachers expose children to a variety of text types, allowing them to expand their vocabulary and concept knowledge.
This, in turn, is best achieved by allowing the children to read extensively within a particular level before moving on to the next.

From time to time you may feel that your child is ready to move onto the next level. Feel confident that his/her classroom teacher is carefully monitoring your child, observing whether he/she is empolying appropriate strategies such as:

  • Self correcting when meaning is lost
  • Rereading to confirm, search, maintain meaning, or to self-correct
  • Reading on after an unknown word to search for more clues about the word, etc.

Take home books provide opportunities for the children to practise their reading skills with ease and enjoyment, promoting expressive and fluent reading.
Always make reading time with your child a positive, interactive time, rewarding their efforts.

On the inside cover of your child’s take home folder, there is detailed information on how to read with your child to ensure it is a positive and rewarding experience for you both.

In addition to that, it is recommended to ask your child a range of questions with each book they bring home and read, to further extend their understanding and reading skills. Below are some questions you can ask your child during and after they have read their book.

Characters What else can you tell me about so-and-so?

Who else was in the story besides the characters you’ve mentioned?

Events What else happened in the story?

What happened after such-and-such?

Where/when did such-and-such happen?

How did such-and-such happen?

Plot Why do you think such-and-such happened?

What was so-and-so’s main problem?

Theme How did you feel when such-and-such happened?

What do you think the author might have been trying to tell us in the story?

Setting Where/when did the story take place?

How was this important to the story?

Going Further What do you think would happen next? What makes you think that?


Please keep in mind that reading at home is meant to be easy, to maintain confidence, ensure a feeling of success and importantly build fluency so that they are good readers. If you are having concerns about reading with your child at home feel free to make an appointment and to discuss these with your classroom teacher.

Happy Reading!


What’s happening in Maths in Year 1 at Laburnum this week?

It is literally hands on, as we have been using our hands and even our feet and eyes to learn skip counting.

What is skip counting? Think about counting by fives (a hand), tens (our feet), and twos (our eyes). Now think about counting by sevens or twelves. Now think about counting backwards from 100 by fours. This is skip counting. Skip counting is critical to having a great number sense. It develops fluency in calculation and provides great opportunities for children to put on their detective eyes and find patterns.


We have also started learning about ‘Probability’. The students have discussed the chances of an event  happening. Some of the language that we have been using is listed here:

  1. Certain
  2. Possible
  3. Likely
  4. Very likely
  5. Unlikely
  6. Very unlikely
  7. Impossible

What are the chances you will have a wonderful weekend? Hopefully we all do for certain.

Have a restful weekend,

The Year One Team


March 1, 2017
by 5s2014

More Great Mates

On Thursday 24th February the Year 1 students had their first incursion for the year. Our Great Mates incursion focused on how to be a better friend.
Some of the discussion revolved around:
– How to play with others
– Positive words we could use with our friends
– Find other’s that have the same interests as you so you have things in common with your friends

When we got back into our classrooms we had discussions about what would you do to be a good friend and what are some things you could say.
Some of the examples included:
– If I saw someone sitting on the friendship seat, I would ask them to play.
– I really like the work you’ve done today.

We tied in all these elements with our school values of being respectful, optimistic, honest and trustworthy as well as understanding tolerance and inclusion. The Year 1 students had a fantastic day and had many great takeaways!!

This week take home books have started coming home. Please make sure these are returned in the take home notice folder. This helps to protect books.

Have a wonderful weekend

The Year One Team

February 24, 2017
by 5s2014

Great Mates

This week in Year One we have continued to investigate what makes us happy and healthy. The students went on a walk around the school and created lists of things they saw such as; the running track, marble pit, playground equipment and Friendship Seat.

On Thursday the students attended an incursion called, ‘Great Mates’. The Values for Life session focussed on the qualities of a great friend. The students enjoyed participating in poetry and role play.

Have a great weekend,

The Year One Team

February 10, 2017
by 5s2014

Welcome to the Year One Blog!

What an amazing start it has been. It has been terrific to see all the children smiling and making new friends. In class the children have been spending time getting to know their teacher, classmates and the routines of Year One.

Next Thursday the 16th February there is an information session for all Year One parents in the staff/community room at 6:45 to 7:30pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to find out some information and ask questions.

We look forward to seeing you there,

The Year One Team

December 2, 2016
by charlottefalls

Back to the Past

What a terrific week we had this week in Year 1. Our dress up costumes for our special ‘Back to the Past’ day were simply outstanding. The children enjoyed finger knitting, making paper dolls, and old school as well as inside and outside board games. We also have been working very hard on learning about fractions in Maths and also discussion texts for Reading and Writing. Stay tuned next week for some of our finest work.

img_6272 img_6271 img_6269 img_6268



November 22, 2016
by charlottefalls

The stars in Year 1

Last week the Year 1 students were fortunate to have Dr. Lay come to the hall with his amazing telescope to talk to us about stars in the night sky and his job looking at the stars. We looked at where the stars are in the night sky and even some of the planets. Dr. Lay had an incredible program that showed us how the stars make pictures. It was really exciting.

img_6112 img_6113 img_6114 img_6116 img_6111

November 9, 2016
by charlottefalls

Making Computers

This week in Year 1 the students have been busy making computers. We figured out what the main parts are and all of the components that are on the inside. There is a CPU which controls all of the things the computer does and also a hard drive that stores all your files. It was so much fun!


img_6101 img_6104 img_6097 img_6098 img_6099 img_6100

November 9, 2016
by charlottefalls

Market Week

Dear Parents / Guardians,

There is only two more weeks until LPS’s Market Week. This term the Year 6 students have been learning about economics. We have worked hard to create stalls selling many goods and services. Some of the exciting games on offer include mini-hoop basketball, soccer top targets, coin toss games, ping pong games and paper plane throwing competitions. Some of the fabulous products on offer include popcorn, baked goods, snow cones, milkshakes and fairy floss. Prices range from 50c to $2 per activity/product. Most children do like to buy something, but if you do not want your child to buy anything, do not send any money. We do talk about families being different and people having different treats. Please make sure money is in a named purse or bag, (ziplock is fine), as change is easy to lose and this causes distress.

The stalls will be held during lunchtimes in Week 8 of term and each year level has an allocated day of when they can attend.

Year 1 & 2 – Tuesday 22nd Nov

Year 3 & 4 – Wednesday 23rd Nov

Year 5 – Thursday 24th Nov

Prep – Friday 25th Nov

The money raised from the stalls will contribute to the end of year celebrations for the Year 6s. We look forward to seeing the students there!

The Year 6 teachers and students.


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